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Thursday, July 7, 2011

first post, new blog

Oh, the pressure, the pressure. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, you know. Didn't your mom tell you that? Actually, mine didn't either. She told me to always iron my clothes and that my future ex-husband was an idiot, and you see where that got me. Holds true nevertheless.

First order of business, though. How litigious *are* the Muscle Milk people? Are they like Disney? Am I gonna get a cease-and-desist for using their name in my blog title? Would it help if I say I LOVE their product? ("Banana Muscle Milk! Almost worth the four bucks it costs in the convenience store!" That should be their new slogan.) It would probably help more if I wasn't using their name in my blog title to make an off-color joke. C'est la vie.

So why the new blog, Andrea? Well, kids, I wanted to have a place where I could actually STAY ON TOPIC. Shocking, I know. But this here blog's gonna be focused solely on fitness, exercise, every new crazy eating scheme I come up with, and body image issues. It will also have pictures of me in my underwear. Subscribe now!

So why the new blog at this particular point in time, Andrea? Good question. I've been on this lil fitness journey for fourteen months now. Shall we recap? First I lost seventeen or eighteen pounds eating low carb (or keto, as the bodybuilding crowd calls it). Then I did c25k, just to prove to myself that I could run three miles without stopping. Then I took Liz's weight training class and found out I liked lifting. Oh, do I like lifting. Then I started eating more and MOAR and spent months putting on muscle and losing more fat and, incidentally, three more pounds (or recomping, as the bodybuilding crowd says). Then I started eating even MOAR in an attempt to build more muscle (or bulking as know what I'ma say here) and gained back three pounds. Now I'm at the next stage and ready to crank up the bulk into high gear.

I'm starting a new program.

I've got my Bodymedia Fit.

I've got my creatine.

And I've got my girl Liz gonna teach me how to do all kinds of interesting stuff like rack pulls, starting tomorrow.

I might start with a few less plates than that guy. Probably.

There will be some "starting" pictures some time this weekend. Please stay tuned and enjoy the ride!



  1. I'm pumped! (puns at no charge)

  2. Might as well start from the beginning. BTW, is there another blog? I have a feeling I will be looking for lots of your writing, regardless of subject. :)