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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

to prove i wasn't lying...

But first, for Mary Anne:



but never fear

Cranky Cat is on your side...

and that's all the tax-related cat humor I got.

This is gonna be real confusing for people who don't read the comments.  But people who don't read comments deserve what they get, nomsayin?

Okay!  Here's photographic proof of what I did today.

That's four servings of pasta with (ground turkey) meat sauce [472 calories, 11.8g F, 59.5g C, 34.8g P], four servings of black beans & rice with turkey [385 calories, 14.1gF, 35,2g C, 30g P], three servings of chicken stir fry [307 calories, 10.7g F, 18.3g C, 28.9g P] and twelve banana almond protein muffins [178 calories, 12.2g F, 11.8g C, 8g P].  My freezer is stocked. And my head didn't explode from the math.

But it was close.



  1. Good for not exploding the head! And thanks for the TaxCats!
    (I giggle: reading the servings, I just automatically skimmed across the calorie and nutrient numbers without absorbing them.)
    Also, you should know autocorrect wants to replace calorie with valor. There's a relation there, I'm sure.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. I am SO impressed! Both the math and the cooking. (She said, staring at the sadly empty freezer in her own kitchen).

    I always feel smug when I've got stuff stashed away, so I'm hoping this will inspire me!

  3. OK, I give up, I have done something weird and can not seem to get a comment box to appear on today's post (4/23) despite a number of attempts, so am going back in time to 4/15 to forecast the future, in which you will write a post about whether or not to post pictures of yourself.

    In this post you will mention many, many, good reasons not to include pictures of yourself looking badass and I will totally understand and agree with all of your reasons, and yet when you do indeed include a few I will be really happy and inspired and impressed!

    But to the extent that having muscle pics associated with your real life identity might give you any hesitations about writing more and doing more than that, then nevermind, 'cause your writing deserves the widest audience you can get even if I have to find middle-aged lady badassery elsewhere.

    Oh, and back on the actual topic of this post, I DID just buy a bunch of groceries with the intention of making a crapload of pasta sauce to freeze for later, so thanks for the idea.

  4. Crabby, while you are predicting the future, wanna tell me what I'm gonna blog about next? Because that would be super helpful. Thanks!

    Pasta sauce plans sound excellent.