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Thursday, August 30, 2012

let's play dress up!

As some of you already know, I recently bought my second pair of Lululemons. (Note to the uninitiated: Lululemons are extremely expensive yoga pants/clothes which tend to make one look ah-maz-ing.) I justified this to myself by saying, eh, it's been a year since I bought my first pair and one pair a year is a reasonable splurge. These are the ones I bought, though not in this color:

  Of course, after I already did that, some of my weightlifting friends started discussing and/or buying these:

I was, and still am, filled with pant envy, since I have a whole nother year before I can get more Lulus. Ahem.  I have taken solace in the fact that they have a 34 inch inseam and thus would be way too freaking long on my stubby little legs anyway.  Until, in the writing of this post, I discovered they make that same style in crops. Super pant envy now.

Meanwhile, I buy the GapFit pants, for which I always have a coupon and which, internet rumor has it, are made in the same factory as the Lulus (by, as I like to point out, the same little slave children, I'm sure). I recently got a new pair of these, but in a heathered gray color:

And also sort of a dark slate blue pair of bike shorts, which the internet is stubbornly refusing to provide a picture of. (Then I wore those new shorts to hot yoga and sweated so much in them, they still stink after washing them. So I guess they're permanently hot yoga shorts now. Sigh. Bright side: I'd be pissed if I permanently stunk up a pair of Lulus!)

Meanwhile, I get a new Athleta catalog in the mail approximately every ten days and even more frequent emails from them.  Today's email featured this:

Hard to see in that picture, but it's a little hiking skirt attached to leggings.  WANT.   Y'know, despite the fact that most of my hiking adventures occur in the Middlesex Fells where I'm basically trekking through people's backyards in earshot of the interstate and thus do not really technically need designated hiking clothes. 

Athleta also likes to tempt me with adorable yoga/workout tops like these:

Yes, they do so tempt me even though experience tells me that all I EVER end up wearing to the gym or yoga are cheap cotton tank tops from Tarzhay.

And then of course, the studio where I go to yoga is having an end of the summer clothing sale, where they sell, among other things, these Spiritual Gangster hoodies:

I kinda want one of those too, even though they're probably insufferably hipster.  "Hi, I'm Andrea and hoodies are my drug of choice!"

The saddest part of this whole thing is that, with my upcoming surgery, I'm not going to be able to do anything fitness-related for 4 to 6 weeks. The last thing I need to be buying right now is new gym clothes. Though I suppose I can wear them on my couch while I watch Game of Thrones, Justified, and my muscles atrophying!

Have you bought any cool exercise clothes lately? Are you drooling over anything you can't afford or don't need?  Let's commiserate together!



  1. I went to Nike employee store here in Oregon and i went bonkers on getting all kinds of exercise clothes.. I like the baggy fit better than the tight fit.. i liked to be hugged but not all the time =)

    1. I find it interesting how guys generally find loose exercise clothes more comfortable whereas women generally feel like loose fabric flapping around when they're working out is annoying as all get out!

  2. I have 3 large drawers of gym clothes. Do not need a single thing. I do want some long GapFit Breath T's for when it's cooler, but that can wait. I do find myself lusting over sneakers lately, but again restraining myself. Two of my boys and Mike have birthdays in September, so ching-ching!

    1. Oh, luckily my new infatuation with the whole monkey-foot thang ;-) means I'm not looking at gym shoes. What sneakers you want?

  3. Nike Free TR Fit 2.....$90 approximately. I can be such a tight wad :(.

  4. got nothin'. Cute clothes though! Oh and if you wear a hoodie, you should probably announce to any passersby that you're not in their neighborhood to rob them. Yeah, I went there; sorry, still can't wrap my head around some .... stuff. SO inappropriate, SO not about weightlifting, SO stopping before I get blocked.