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Sunday, August 19, 2012

domo arigato, the sequel

As promised--or is that threatened?--here's me attempting my good mornings.  Theoretically this is 70x8, but if you count the reps, it's actually nine.  Apparently I got distracted.  Or can't count above seven without the use of my fingers.  Or had some kind of pre-senile dementia moment.  I dunno.  If I didn't just tell you, though, I bet none of y'all would have even noticed.  But never let it be said I mislead my beloved blog readers.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Please feel free to compare these to the videos I posted the other night and/or the information in your own head and tell me what, if anything, I am doing right or wrong. Or, y'know, critique my hairstyle, comment on my bare feet and the likelihood I'ma get athletes foot in that nasty gym, or, if applicable, yell "OMG, Andrea! You're gonna snap your back up!" at your computer screen.

And, as a bonus, here's me doing some RDLs.  185x5.  I went back and filmed these at just about the end of my workout. Which was probably a bad idea, because I was exhausted by that point and even though I was trying to concentrate on my form, it was breaking down.  However, I figure those of you who like fat asses can perve on mine and the rest of you can ponder the fact I put my shoes back on or, y'know, use the sight of my fat ass as motivation to stay away from the Cheetoes. Your call!

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Also, please register my disgruntlement that I had to go the tinypic route because blogger kept giving me error messages and refusing to directly upload my videos from my computer.  Damn you, blogger, damn you.



  1. Nice work. I agree with the feedback in your journal, from which I am learning so dang much!

    BTW, who is number 87. He looks doable. Is he?

  2. If only we remember to squeeze our shoulders together, Terri, all will be well ;-) Srsly, I get SO much from you guys. It's invaluable.

    Oh, and Mr Pats Jersey? Never saw him before in my life! He's obviously not a newb--he came in and started deadlifting 4 PPS, lulz--so he must just usually come in at a totally different time of day than I do. Doable? Eh. I dunno, not really my type.

    I wish Jay (aka Swole Polite Guy) would be there some time when I was videoing so I could casually get him in a shot, haha. I think I have a wee tiny bit of a crush on him, even though I'm pretty sure he's too young for me, and for all I know, married. His only disadvantage is that he's a manlet (as they say.) But awesome body, beautiful smile, and twinkly eyes. And he says nice shit about me behind my back, which ALWAYS endears a man to me ;-)

  3. I started doing good mornings a couple of months ago and definitely going to use the squeezing of the shoulders, flat back, and butt-out stance. That darn lift works! My legs always end up shaky after 3 sets and I wake up with hammie DOMS.

    Must capture SPG on vid so I CAN LUST, I mean see. Ahem. I think I need to *talk* to Mike. Not sure what's gotten into me :).

  4. Ah, so apparently it's time for..."cake." :-D

  5. Andrea, if you've seen my comments, you know I'm not here for the weight lifting, though getting closer every day to seeking out that mobile gym. I cannot comment on your form, though I definitely am impressed by your appearance. Lean and strong!

    The only thing I can possibly say about other things, NONE of which is my business (ahem bare feet on a public floor, yikes) , is that wearing my hair the way you do would make me yank it off. Clearly, despite other areas in which we share similarities, you are a much more tolerant persona than I, when it comes to ANY hair touching ANY part of "our" bodies when "we" exercise anything that makes "us" hot. And by HOT I do not mean, wait, what was the deal with the guys in the gym? Just goes to show you the stage of life I have reached, I did not even notice there were guys in the video until you and Terri said so.