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Saturday, April 21, 2012

you're giving me a complex...

Every time I think I've heard of every kind of workout, every kind of fitness activity, something else pops up to put me in my place and prove that I don't in fact know everything. Just, y'know, most things. Most important things. A few things. Whatever.

And so it was with interest that I read a discussion of what the participants did for conditioning/cardio in which barbell complexes were mentioned. What the what? I said to myself. Off to google I went.

Do YOU know what those are? If not, a few words from now you will, boys and girls! Barbell complexes are a set of exercises done with...wait for it...wait for it...yes! a barbell, in which the exercises are done consecutively, without stopping, and without putting the bar down. Obviously, because you aren't stopping to change plates out, the amount of weight you can use is limited to that with which you can complete the weakest exercise. Also, the exercises you choose should follow in some kind of logical progression. So, for example, you might start with deadlifts to get the bar up off the ground, then do cleans to get the bar up to your shoulders, then front squats while the bar is up there, then overhead press to get the bar above you, and then finally, bringing the bar down onto your back, you might do back squats. Et voila, five different exercises without ever having to put the bar down. This is reputed to get your heart rate up there and increase your endurance. I see no reason to doubt that!

Here are some examples:

Pretty basic. Classic, if you would.

Huh. They obviously don't hold to the "don't put the barbell down." Shoulda thrown those pushups in after the curls.

Zercher lunges? I don't even... I wanna cry just thinking about it.

Of COURSE the freaking Crossfit people gotta do things differently.

And then there are some people who just refuse to be serious.

In the immortal words of my late father, "Well, yeah, of course. He's a Polack." (Even if you have the right genetic material like me, please try that at home only at your own risk. disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer)

So, yes, kids, I wanna try doing a barbell complex. I think it's going to involve learning how to do cleans, though. Um, BRB, youtubing tutorials on those!


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  1. so lemmesee, I know what "tutorial" means. Everything else whoooosh, right over my head. See how much I like your writing? I'll read ANYthing!