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Sunday, April 29, 2012

oh, guess who got a new camera?

Zerchers, 150x6, with a gratuitous Ham Shirt flash for my fellow Amazons.  And to the douche who walked through my shot?  Are you totally oblivious to a bench where a bench never usually is, with a camera balanced on it?  Dude, please.



  1. BOOM - Nice Zerchers my Amazon friend! :) Mirin' the tank (and hoodie of course lol)

  2. For those of you who are unaware, Auntie Hammie ^^^ is the designer and creator of the Ham Shirt!, super badass Ohio powerlifter who Zerchers *in a tank top*, and an all-around wicked strong and hilariously funny chick. And if she ever makes it to Boston, I'ma give her a massage during which I play Metallica in the treatment room, 'cause that nature music bullshit makes her nervous. ;-)

  3. wait, you GIVE MASSAGES???? AND you are all the way in Boston? I'm totally going to cry now. I've never had a professional massage and suffer from 24/7, multiple muscle spasms in my back, that shoot daggers into my head and occasionally wrap around my abdomen and make me nauseous.
    PT did not help, chiropractors did not help but I've never tried massage therapists (got a few idiosyncrasies 'n stuff). But I MIGHT be willing to try one with somebody who, oh I don't know, shares an affinity for 80s music. Yeah, I am very discerning when selecting professionals to whom I entrust my body!