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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

foam, the other white meat

Here are some foam rolling videos I have painstakingly youtubed for your edification. Alright, alright, for *my* edification so that when the damn thing comes in the mail. I'll know where to begin.

I foresee wearing the new sports bra that really straps those puppies down while doing this one, or I predict an inadvertent boob injury. (Note: inadvertent is one of those words I like that has no antonym even though it should. There's no such word as "advertent." Also? Even if there were, who would have an advertent boob injury? Um, don't answer that.)

This one's gonna hurt. The last time I had a massage, I almost started crying when the MT started working on my IT band. I had no idea it was that tight till she began messing with it!

That looks a lil tricky, but getting at the psoas always is!

Back to this chick again. Apparently she's foam rolled her entire body for our viewing pleasure.

Dude gets extra points for mentioning the QLs, my favorite muscles no one's ever heard of. Also for the hood of his hoodie getting in his way, because you *know* I've been there.

But, look! Dr Ben Kim wants to specifically target our QLs. Atta boy! (Do we think that's Mrs Dr Kim modeling?)

Mrs Dr Kim wants to save us from our neck pain as well!

Okay, I think I've got the basics down here. Doesn't look like one needs a college degree or even a massage school diploma to work this shiz. Luckily, I've got both just in case. Happy rolling, y'all!


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  1. This is doable at home and the equipment will not require me to keep my car out in the elements, in order to turn my garage into a personal gym. I may end up owning two of the items on your list (three if you count the bandana that I already have; not THAT bandana, just A bandana)