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Monday, January 30, 2012

vile calumny and slander

Have you heard about the anti-cheese billboards in NY state? They were placed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a group whose agenda is vegan and who have heavy ties with PETA. Their contention that cheese makes you fatty fat fat therefore is less motivated by concerns about your health, dear consumer, and more motivated by their animal rights political agenda.

Well. We all know how I feel about cheese, don't we kids? When I first heard about those billboards at the end of last week, I pulled out my camera to document what cheese I had in my house. Note: end of week=running low on groceries.

There was shredded parm:

There were goat cheese crumbles for my salads:

There were babybels, which no one has been eating because we only like the yellow or orange ones actually:

There was good ol' white trash Land O' Lakes white American from the deli for cheeseburgers:

There was a hunk of champagne cheddar, bought after I tasted a sample on a Costco run with a friend:

And there was string cheese, a staple of my diet:

There was also a tiny bit of part skim ricotta left in the tub, which I unfortunately didn't photograph.

I did, however, photograph myself this weekend.

See how fatty fat fat my cheese-filled diet has made me?

Suck it, PCRM.


1 comment:

  1. All I can say to that is "cheese, glorious cheese"!!! I have never met a cheese I have not liked. Some live for wine tasting, I am happy to cross the Ocean (ANY) to gorge on mountains of cheese for weeks on end.
    You are really trying to torture a flat assed reader with that shot, aren't you?