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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

news and reviews, pictorial edition

1.) The agony of defeat

I'm not the most rabid of hockey fans (as you may know, my poor abused heart belongs to the Red Sox) but that game last night was the best hockey game EVAH.  The images of Reimer lying on the ice after the winning goal were very poignant, though.

2.) Mirin' my cool shirt?

My friend Hammie designed it.  Check out her shop.  Her cartoons are great and her customer service is unparalleled.  When I mentioned that the original shirt I ordered was a bit snugger than I anticipated, she arranged for me to exchange it, even though I'd already worn it to the gym and sweated all over it.

3.) Hard decisions

I think it's awesome that Angelina came forth with the news she had a prophylactic double mastectomy after testing positive for the breast/ovarian cancer gene mutation.  Um, not that it's awesome that she had to have this major surgery, obviously.  Awesome that she was upfront about it and that her difficult decision may be encouraging to other women facing the same.

4.) my new favorite pants

Sometimes ridiculously expensive is well worth it.

5.) What I got for Mother's Day

I'd have asked for the super-cool, trendy $200 Beats ones, but my kid is poor.  Heh.  Seriously, I like these a lot.  Wore them lifting yesterday and was pumped not to have to keep popping an earbud back in between sets.

/too lazy to write a real post


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