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Friday, May 24, 2013

in which andrea passes the nsca-cpt and does something new

Well, yes, my scores were "on hold" till I provided proof that I am in fact certified in adult, child, and infant CPR and AED, but having taken care of that little administrative detail and waited the requisite 5 to 7 business days after such proof was received and accepted, I came home yesterday after a somewhat annoying and pretty tiring day to find my results in my e-mail inbox.  I assume my esteemed blog guests all have above average reading comprehension and the detail orientedness to actually look at and process blog titles, so you know how this came out.  I got 115 questions right which apparently equals an 84.  That's a solid B. Not bad for an old women in surgical menopause who probably forgets what she's had for breakfast a good four days out of seven, if you ask me.

Now if someone will just take pity on me give me a chance and hire me.

Besides the good news in my inbox yesterday, the tiring, annoying day wasn't a total wash in other ways either. Don't mean to suggest it was.  Other nice and/or interesting things happened.  I got a pedi.  My nails are now hot pink and ready for summer. Of course, it's supposed to rain most of the long weekend and be like 50 degrees tomorrow in particular, but if any sandal wearing weather should miraculously occur, my feet are ready!  And, more germane to this blog's purported topic, I tried a new exercise at the gym: seated good mornings.

That guy used a little more weight than me. Just, y'know, a few plates.

I looked considerably less shmexy than her doing mine.

But my ROM was way better than his. (My nose and forehead touched the bench. Go big or go home, muthafuckuhs.)

On the other hand, I did have to foam roll the hell outta my lower back this morning. Ahem.


P.S. Administrative note: sorry about the extra commenting step, but I got a sudden influx of annoying blog spam and continually deleting it was too much of a pain in the ass.


  1. Congrats and good fortune. I just went to a meeting where the not-so-subliminal message was, "OK, what's your NEXT credential gonna be?" Jeez and they ask why I'm ready to retire.

  2. Thanks!

    And, yeah, just more initials to put after my name which aren't necessarily gaining me anything ::roll eyes:: The money we pay to get certified in this shiz does make someone rich though, I'm sure!

  3. If you thought spam was annoying... this is one of those comments that's gonna ask a "can you help me" question, like you have all day to ponder a personal response. But what the hell.

    So I do wellness coaching as part of life coaching (I'm a former psychotherapist but can't do it outside California), and a lot of clients are trying to get in better shape. I steer away from specific "expert" type advice, especially since I work remotely via phone or skype and am not there to see them work out. I just try to help brainstorm options, encourage them to do research and/or seek professional help, and take a "to each her own approach" to the WHAT part of workouts and try to focus on the "how to make it happen given your crazy-ass life" part.

    But I do wonder sometimes about more formal training, in order to be more conversant with current thinking and less reliant on random googling and to perhaps help keep clients from doing dumbass things that might kill them. Some sort of certification might also reassure clients that I'm not a total idiot about exercise.

    In terms of the information you got from your program, and the cost etc, any guess if something like that would be worth it for someone like me?

    And I sometimes run an "ask the personal trainer" column at my blog, or run guest posts from people who actually write well and know what the heck they're talking about, so if you'd ever like to write shit for free, let me know!

    If you'd prefer to email privately I'm at


  4. Crabby, I'll send you an email later today or tonight!