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Saturday, March 17, 2012

in honor of st patrick's day

I don't have a drop of Irish or any other Celtic blood in me, kids, though occasionally people assume I do. It's the fish-belly white skin and the freckles. Nevertheless I thought it would be culturally relevant to post some Highland Game videos in Celtic solidarity and appreciation of freakish feats of strength and, y'know, probable drunkenness. Plus, big guys in kilts. ::drool::

Sadly, though I could probably watch a man in a kilt do just about anything, finding good youtube clips has been difficult. Many of them are, well, badly, badly filmed. (I blame this on, uh, whiskey.) And then badly, badly edited. (Probably more whiskey.) In searching for these, I had to take it back--I canNOT watch a man in a kilt do *anything*. I was nexting videos left and right. What a sad comedown. Nevertheless, let me share a bit:

That one's hilarious because apparently--correct me if I am mistaken--these Games were held in Austria. Is there a big ex-pat population there or are those Austrians just looking for another excuse to go drinking outdoors? Don't answer that. Just enjoy the music.

Nothing phallic about that sport, is there?

Competitive hay bailing is apparently a thing. Who knew? ::cough:: whiskey ::cough:: Also? Someone ought to tell the guy who wanders into the shot wearing a cowboy hat with his kilt that he looks like a douche.

I'd respect those guys more if they hadn't pansied out and worn bike shorts under the kilt. Eh. Maybe it was a rule or something. Goddamn Establishment always bringing me down, man.

Okay, seriously, that's a nicely produced overview of the kind of thing they do. I like the hammer throw. I myself would, like, clock myself in the head the first time I tried it and my illustrious career would come to a screeching halt.

And now, to be culturally appropriate to my own heritage (and just because I lurve her so very, very much), here's a tiny little Polish chick with ethnically-congruent thighs lifting some heavy-ass weight.

Enjoy whatever heavy-object-lifting or whiskey-imbibing projects you have planned, kids!


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  1. I know you said "not to answer that" but hell, it is the first (and possibly only time) you asked a question that I am capable of answering and I'll be damned if I'm going to miss the opportunity.
    So, like most kindergartners, I'll shoot my hand up, like Sister Theresa taught me and go "ME, ME, ME!!!!" : Most likely NO and probably YES. We'll use any excuse to drink and by "we,", I only mean those of us who don't have a reeeaaaallly low threshold for CNS depressants and fall asleep immediately upon taking that first sip. Yeah, I'm a lot of fun at the Oktoberfest!!!