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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

diet, day 9

Sometimes, you wish all you had to do was meditate on it, nomsayin?

The last time I was dieting, kids, I was a lot fatter to start with. This led to possibly a bit more motivation. It certainly led to the fat seeming to melt off effortlessly. I was also in ketosis. People like to hate on low carb, ketogenic diets but, holy crap, do they suppress your appetite. Right now my appetite, being not in the least suppressed, is leading me to do things like put theoretical foods for the day into my fitday log so I can see just how many good things I want to eat I can sneak in under my calorie ceiling while also meeting those pesky protein requirements. If I was obsessed by food and counting and numbers while I was bulking, it at least didn't have the wistful fantasy component this does.

Not that I'm meaning to complain. Not at all. This is my choice. And I'm doing pretty well. Unlike the bulking which is/was a whole new experience, I KNOW how to diet. I've been doing it on and off since I was 10 and hit puberty. (Don't worry, when I did it when I was ten, it lasted a day or two until one of my little friends wanted to go to the Dairy Queen. I didn't have some kind of middle-school eating disorder.) I know what it feels like to be hungry but put that feeling aside and not eat. I know how to say "no" to things that look and smell delicious and tempting. I know how to get off on my own self-discipline and find a certain masochistic satisfaction in it.

Like that only very tangentially related man candy? You're welcome. You really don't want to google image search "hurts so good" at work without the safe search on. You're welcome for that little life tip, too. Full service blog!

To get back to my point, dieting sucks, but it sucks in a familiar, almost comforting way, and past experience tells me that it never doesn't eventually work if I keep at it. New underwear pictures December 18ish. We'll see what happens between now and then.


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  1. What did you say after "satisfaction in it" ????? ;)