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Friday, November 4, 2011


You know I'll take any excuse to post Bowie video, because me n' David are like this: X.

But what I would really like to talk about today is changing your body. Often when people are losing weight or beginning to work out, they have in their head (or posted on their refrigerator) a goal body. The idea is that if you just have enough discipline and work diligently enough, you will end up looking like Megan Fox.

Or Jamie Eason.

Or Jennifer Lopez.

Or Dana Linn Bailey.

Or Tracy Anderson.

Or maybe all you have to do is wear something that barely covers your butt and give a fierce, sultry look over your shoulder at the camera. Let's all try that and post our results! Um you go first.

As my friends know, my original (joking) goal was to look like Ines Sainz.

Alas, all my dieting and all my working out have not made my body look anything like Ms Sainz's. Squatting has not given me that butt, nor have lat pulldowns given me that width in my upper back. However, I have way more definition in my arms and shoulders than she does. I'm not going to end up with her body, kids. I'm just going to end up with a different version of my own.

And in the spirit of that, I would like also to discuss some of the changes that I have seen lately. Unfortunately, I have no "smouldering at the camera" shots to illustrate, so you are going to just have to take my word that I'm not lyin'.

For years and years and years, I would see women's magazines in which some probably-made-up reader would ask, "Are there exercises that will make my breasts bigger?" and the answer would always be, "No! But if you do chest exercises for your pecs, your breats will look higher and perkier." And for years and years and years, I thought that was a load of bullshit, designed to placate all those boob-dissatisfied girls. Well. In the last year, I have been working my pecs a lot. DB bench has been one of my better lifts, and I would always joke to Liz that I probably have really nice pecs, but I can't prove it, because they're covered with boobs. But just recently, when I've gotten out of the shower and caught a glimpse of myself drying off or whatever, it's occurred to me that, holy shit, my breasts really are sitting up higher on my chest than they used to. I never, ever believed that could happen, but it has. Woohoo! And a hearty eff you to gravity. On the downside--and some of you all have probably already heard me complain about this--all the squatting and deadlifting and rack pulls I've been doing have built up my core like whoa, which is great for my overall health and fitness, but I'm pretty sure it's making my waist wider. Even though I *do* stubbornly refuse to ever do targeted oblique work. But my lower erectors, my abs, and my QLs are all thick now. I can feel the thickness of the muscle in there. It's making me not quite as dainty as I used to be. Higher boobs, pretty flat stomach, but no tiny waist. You take the bad with the good, I suppose! But if you think you can plan exactly how you're gonna look, you will be sadly disappointed.

That's today's life lesson. But I gave you Bowie video and pretty pictures, so don't complain.


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  1. Yes to David Bowie ANYthing.
    I've often wondered if some people regain PARTLY because they have that (often photoshopped) image on their refrigerator. Once they reach their weight goal and find that they are a thinner version of themselves, there is a "what's the point, is this what I struggled for?" reaction. This is often exacerbated by the fact that they may even be more wrinkled, older looking versions of themselves.
    A realistic expectation and motivating factors that are not exclusively limited to appearance, are probably more likely to lead to lasting change and to maintenance. Unless I have cheek implants, I will never change my flat derrière (thank you mom) and to expect that exercise alone will give me a Jamie Eason (of whom I had not previously heard) butt, would set me up for major disappointment.
    Thank you for another excellent post and congrats on the perky breasts. :)