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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

dislocating your shoulders for fun and profit

The end of last week I worked three overnight shifts in a row to cover a co-worker's time off.  Overnight shifts are twelve hours. Day shifts are ten. To preclude my getting a shit ton of overtime, I left work early last Monday (the day I got my biometric screening!) which enabled me to go to a yoga class I can't usually attend.  It's always an adventure to attend a new class with a teacher you're not familiar with. They all have their own styles and their own different spins on things, you know?

This Monday night class was ostensibly a beginner's class, but unlike the teacher of the Wednesday night beginner's class, this teacher was heavily into vinyasa flow. Which is not my particular preference--I don't go to yoga to exercise, I go to the gym to exercise and yoga to stretch out my poor abused body and chill. But it was fine.  And, as a bonus, she taught us a shoulder stretch I had never done before, but which felt amazing.  I wanted to add it into my gym warm up routine, but I realized when I tried to that the yoga straps the Y used to have had disappeared. So I bought my own with my Amazon Prime. But while I was waiting for my two day shipping to deposit said strap at my door, I started wondering whether this stretch was in fact safe or liable to damage me.  I decided I would take video of myself doing this stretch and show it to my friend Auntie Hammie, who is the Official Shoulder Safety Officer in our little group of online weightlifting chicks.  Meanwhile, the strap came while I was working my overnights and in my zombie-like condition, I didn't of course get any video taken, never mind uploaded, etc.  But I did visit my massage therapist friend M2 yesterday and demonstrated the stretch to her. She was of the opinion that if I didn't feel any pain when I was doing it, it was fine to do. She, however, could NOT get her arms back over her head when she tried it. I was telling Hammie this and she said, "Oh! It sounds like you're talking about shoulder dislocations." I avowed that maybe I was, maybe I wasn't, because I have no frigging idea what a "shoulder dislocation" is.

So today I finally took video.  Disclaimers: please to ignore dirty house, bloated model, and slanted camera angle. Some day I will a.) vacuum b.) wear a shirt that covers my belly when I'm bloated and c.) buy a tripod. But today was not that day.  I am, however, wearing those Nike flipflops I was talking about.

So, what say you, smart blog readers? Are those "dislocations"?  Do you endorse or condemn this stretch? It really makes my pecs and shoulders feel great so I hope it turns out that it is in fact actually good for me.



  1. I haven't done those very often, though I remember doing them occasionally in class years ago, so I had to go find a dog leash and try them again. Certainly not dislocating anything. Pretty neutral results: nothing feels better, nothing feels worse. So I'd say if they feel good to you, go for it.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. Thanks, Mary Anne!

    My expert tells me that those *are* what is called "shoulder dislocations" and that they are safe to do if you take 'em nice and slow like that. So I am mollified.

  3. Oh good, I LOVE these, they are part of my new freakish morning stretch/swing/dance/meditate/look-like-an-ass thing, and I didn't even know they could be problematic or had such a scary name. They feel really good! Though I could see that if I tried to get too aggressive and keep narrowing the strap width, dislocation could indeed be involved and not in a good way.

  4. Yup dislocations they are. Don't know why they're called that - except to say that if you have trouble doing them you probably could dislocate something haha! Looks like you have no trouble with them, so I'd say carry on!

  5. Yeah - I do them with a broomstick at the gym. I like em. Widow's hump runs in my family so my tiny illogical mind says if I do the dislocates I won't develop it. Of course I WILL, because genes trump all. Still, I do em!

  6. So glad you are all on board with the dislocations too!

    About actual dislocation--this whole thing brought to memory that a high school friend of mine had hypermobility in some of her joints, and was able to clasp her hands in front of her and bring her arms up over her head and all the way down. You could literally see her scapulas move in a way that shoulder blades aren't technically supposed to. (She used to do this parlor trick in the class of a math teacher we all disliked heartily because it grossed said teacher out and what was she gonna do, give someone a detention for stretching? LOL) Anyway, friend went on to go to rad tech school and the very first year she was out in the working world, she sustained a serious shoulder injury that required much surgery, just pulling a piece of equipment. So shoulder *hypermobility* is no bueno, I guess. That's our lesson, kids.

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