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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

in which i again fail at making my point

Like all writers, your gracious blog hostess occasionally suffers from the odd case of I Know What I Want to Say But I'm Not Saying It or a bout of But That Isn't What I Meant, Damn It. It's frustrating when it happens, but not, y'know, unexpected. I'm sure Shakespeare went through that shit too.

What is unexpected, however, is when I cannot bend Google image search to my will. Google image search is nothing if not my biatch. And so it pains me to admit that when, earlier, in an attempt to proffer one Ms Serena Williams as the perfect example of "above average amount of muscle, average-to-above average amount of fat" (and, not incidentally, as an example of "OMG, what a freaking gorgeous body") this was the first pic I posted up:

This led to comments that while, yes, Serena looks hot as $&@*!*!&!*!! in that photo, she also looks lean.  Fair enough.  That *is* Serena looking her leanest.  I countered with this:

Serena with gorgeous muscles. Also boobs, a tiny bit of fat on her belly, and (what is to me) a very normal amount of thigh fat.  She looks like she has *a normal amount of bodyfat* for a woman here, not a below-average amount. And because it overlies a shit ton of muscle, she looks--to me, at least--stunning.

I was told this picture looks photoshopped.  Well, yeah.  It's from a magazine photo shoot.  Of course it's photoshopped.  I don't see how that changes that she has a.) muscle to die for b.) a healthy but normal amount of bodyfat  and c.) a gorgeous body.

So how about this?

A fairly unflattering non-photoshopped paparazzi shot. Can we agree now that she has an average amount of bodyfat with a huge amount of muscle underneath?  I won't ask you to agree with me that that sort of "thick" look in a woman is ideal, because, yo, everyone has their own taste and yours doesn't have to align with mine.***  But can we agree Serena does NOT have a lower than average body fat %, that she is NOT generally uber lean?  That was my only point. And I don't know why I care about making it. Sigh.


***But if it doesn't, obviously your taste is crap.  Oh, I'm just kidding.  God.


  1. I think a lot of the ladies on forget that women are SUPPOSED to have a healthy layer of fat (including junk in the trunk, some chub over our bellies, and bewbs!). That is perfectly healthy and normal.

  2. I was surprised the comments went the other way, i.e. that Serena doesn't have a lot of bodyfat. Kinda thinking that if she *wasn't* Serena Williams, the comments about the second picture would have been more along the lines of "good job bulking! Now time to cut and see what's under there!" Lulz.

  3. Isn't genetic material AMAZING???? I know that she worked her ass off (so to speak) to get that strong, that fit, yet the difference between her and Venus is striking! Not really making any point, just like the thought that the same set of parents can produce such different looking offspring. Now back to the subject of my flat ass...I wonder if a professional massage could hmm guess not. I'll shut up now.