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Friday, August 19, 2011

half of life is just showing up

Is that the correct quote? You'd think someone with google at their fingertips could, y'know, go look it up, especially since "go" would mean clicking on a new tab, not walking to a book shelf or, like, the library in three feet of snow, uphill. You'd think that, but you'd be wrong. We're just gonna pretend that's a famous quote. If not, it should be. In fact, it is now: "half of life is just showing up"--malevolent andrea, 2011. Tattoo that on your person somewhere. Not too close to your crotch though, 'k?

Ahem. Whatever are you talking about, Andrea? Oh, just that I won my online muscle-building competition today. Solely and completely because of the other five chicks who signed up in April, I was the *only one* who made it to the finish line in August and posted ending pictures. Yes, I won by default. Not the most glorious of all possible victories, but one hundred bucks and some free supplements is one hundred bucks and some free supplements!

Tenacity and a high tolerance for public embarrassment will indeed get you somewhere. Life lesson, all y'all.


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